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There and
Aerial views of Mt. Hood, Washington, and the
landscape of western Idaho provided the basis for
these two Special Edition  mixed-media pieces:
(left) and Strata, (below) 8"x 10" image. $300
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Artistry in Song
(c) Elizabeth Asche Douglas, 2004-2017
Sewickley's "Plein Air" days in  led to the
12"x 12" Giclee-on-canvas
 Sewickley Eye
The Sighting (below) is a fanciful
imaginary landscape, 11" x 14" image.  
Both are available as Special Edition
Giclees for $300.
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Fall on McKinley Run
Biblical Subjects
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Unique Artist Proof Giclee $750.
Special Edition Giclee $300;
Brady's Run
Niagara Falls
are available as
Custom prints
of pen & ink
originals. $150
Ink/Mini/Petit Pix
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ll Online Works screen.
Majesty is from  a photo
taken in an old growth
California forest near Los
Angeles.  It was selected by
the director of the Silver Eye
Photography Center,
Pittsburgh, for inclusion in the
exhibition "Standing Out From
the Crowd."  The image is 14"
x 13"  Special Edition Giclees
are available at $300. Select
from drop-down menu under
the image of
Mt. Hood, and
next to the image of
The garden of the convent that houses
the Geneva College Rome Campus on
Via Nomentana, is the source of these
studies done while there in May, 2011.
Available as a Framed Custom Print  for
$150, made only on order.  Purchase
from Custom Print drop-down menu at
bottom of screen.
Rome Convent Garden
Special Edition Giclees  $300
Custom Prints $150
Also available as a Framed Custom
Print for $150.  Order from Custom
Print drop-down menu at bottom
center of this screen.
Four Sisters
is available as a
Custom Print of a
$150 framed
Garden in Rome
1908 Armory, Townsend Park 1937
This painting was exhibited in the 2014
Westmoreland County PA National Arts
& Heritage exhibition. It is available
both as a Limited Edition Giclee (8"x10"
image) for $300 and as a Framed
Custom Print (5"x7" image) for $150.  
Made to order in both cases.  See
drop-down menus below.
PETRA, a 12" framed giclee of
lichen covered rocks in north-
ern CO, is back from the 2016
Westmoreland County Arts &
Heritage Festival. It is now $65.
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