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"Delight: Psalm 35.9 "  
.Limited Edition Giclee      
on Canvas. $500
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"Kuba Mask" (near right)    
and "Nok Head" are based    
on works in the African     
collection of the Cleveland     
Museum of Art.  Each is     
available in Limited     
Edition,  approx. 16" x 11"   
Giclee on Canvas  $500    
14" x 11" Special  Edition
Prints, $300
(See also in list of framed
Petit Prints below)
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"The Two of Us" Special Edition
Giclee on Canvas, 11" x 14" $300
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Also available as
Art Note Card

"Kuba Basket Weaver"
Special Edition Giclee  on canvas.  
14" x 11"     $300
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"Freedom Dance," Regal Duo," (top of page) "Soul Song" (left) "Whispered Secret" (center) and "Bajokwe
Woman" are available as Giclee on  canvas Artist  Proofs. 12" x 12"  $500
These pieces are also available as Framed Custom Prints.  approx. 80 Sq in ($150)
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(c) Copyright Elizabeth Asche Douglas 2018

Bridge of Sighs Artist Proof    
Giclee on Crescent Velvet.    
12" x 12"  $750    
Biblical Subjects
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"Freedom Dance" (above), Kuba Hands"
(left), Regal Duo"(below), "Kuba Mask"
and "Bajokwe Woman" (below) are
available as  framed  5" x 5" Petit  Print
Giclees  for $50.   For full size Artist Proof
of "Freedom Dance" & "Regal  Duo" see
mid-page menus (below).
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subjects in other subsets.

"Reflections on Soul Sister" Mixed       
media assemblage,  18" high. $750

"Whitney '87" Special Edition
Giclee on Canvas, 12" x 12"  $300
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Limited Edition Giclee on canvas $500
Custom Print on archival paper $150
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Framed Petit Prints  (5x7")  $50
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