Douglas Art Gallery
Award-winning Paintings and Prints
"Lift in Song" was a 2005 award winner
in the Appalachian Corridors Regional
Exhibition at the Avampato Discovery
Museum in  Charleston, WV It is in
Ultrachrome ink on textured  archival
paper.  Framed Artist's Proof is $750.
(Image approx 17"x12") Also offered
as Custom or Special Edition Print.
(See options below @ lower left))
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"Genesis Major" Oil &
Acrylic on Canvas, 36"x 48"
Several exhibition awards   
In collection of Wallace
Memorial Presbyterian
Church, Green Tree, PA
Available as Custom Print  
for $150 (below image)
Custom Print (Framed) 80 sq in image. $150
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"Anguish," an award-winning digital
print  at the Merrick Art Gallery, New
Brighton (PA) exhibition mounted as a
response to the events of 9/11,  is
available in Special Edition.  
"Z.Aethiopicum" Award,  at  North Hills Art Center.
Pittsburgh.  Available in Special Edition  & Custom Print
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Water and Spirit expresses the dynamic intermingling of these two funda-
mental elements.  Its flowing rhythms are a visual parallel to the contra-
puntal structure of a Bach fugue or a jazz improvisation. The  Original is
air-brushed acrylic on canvas, 35" x 53," priced at $1,500.  Available as
framed Custom Print  ($150) and framed Special Edition Print ($300)
(c) Elizabeth Asche Douglas, 2005-2012
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Douglas Art Gallery
Special Edition ( image ca. 144 sq in)  $300
Fallen,  Award in Beaver Valley
Artists Annual. Available in
Special Edition  and Custom Print
"Bridge of Sighs" is an award winner in
the Southwestern PA Council for the
Arts 2011 History Through Art
Exhibition at the Greensburg PA Art
Center. It is in mixed media on cotton
velvet ground, image 144 sq in.  Also
offered as Custom or Special Edition
Print. (See options below @ lower left)
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