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Floral Fantasies
Compositions in the Floral
Fantasies series by Elizabeth
Asche Douglas are available
as Special Edition and Custom
Prints,  framed or unframed
and as
Deluxe Art Notes.  To
order Art Notes, go to
Online Works screen
White Rose in Azusa
Azalea Fantasy
White Rose
Unframed Custom 8"x 10" image. $75
Framed Custom 10"x 8" image. $150
Select a Subject
Select a Subject
Framed Special Edition 14"x 11" image.  $300
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(c) Elizabeth Asche Douglas, 2005-2017
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Garden in Azusa
Marbled Poinsettias
This striking plant gets its name
from Joel Poinsett, a 19th C
American ambassador to Mexico
where the plant, known as
"Flowers of the Holy Night"
Flores de Noche Sagrada)  
served as a symbol of Christ's
Nativity.  Poinsett sent plants
back to the U.S., where they
flourished in southern states and
California.  Their colors
symbolized spirit, sacrifice, life
and rebirth for the inhabitants of
Central America where
missionary conversions to
Christianity started in the
early17th century.
Red 'n' White Roses
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